DrumCountry.com is an essential web site for Soldiers and families transferring to the Fort Drum area. The site has numerous tools for planning the move including maps, a question and answer forum and links to other helpful sites. It covers healthcare, education, daycare, jobs and housing in the area.
Q: I am hopefully visiting my son at Fort Drum at the end of the month. Can you please tell me the procedures to get on base to him?
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Q: Does my girlfriend need anything special to get on post to visit me
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Q: I am a tentative hire (DoD Civilian) and will be working at Fort Drum. I am relocating from the Philippines and do not have a car. Is there shuttle service provided from Watertown to Fort Drum? If not, is there housing available for DoD Civilians on base or within walking distance outside the gate?
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Drum Country video

Sunset on the St. Lawrence River
A boat in the St. Lawrence River at Alexandria Bay, NY