Question: i am pcsing to fort drum i am an e1 and married and want to get an off post apartment and i contacted the housing department do i need to contact my unit befor getting a appartment or can i go and rent one before my pcs date??

This message comes from the Fort Drum Housing Office on the Drum Website:
Market Housing:

ALL personnel are required to receive counseling on their housing options at the Welcome Home Center.

The Welcome Home Center provides market housing information for the tri-county area to include a wide range of rentals as well as sales listings. The Welcome Home Center is located at Clark Hall, 10720 Mt. Belvedere Boulevard. Hours of Operation are 0730 - 1600 hours, Mon - Fri (except holidays). Telephone (315) 955-6644.

My initial reply would be for you to call the Housing Office. But if I understand what you wrote correctly, you have already spoken with someone at the Housing office.  I double checked and they tell me that since you are married you do not need to contact your unit before getting an apartment. However, I would encourage you to talk to the Housing Office people again before signing any lease. They can review the lease to ensure it is fair to both you as the tenant and to the owner/landlord. Welcome to Drum Country.

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