Question: I have received orders to pcs to Fort Drum If I fly into Syracuse Airport would I have to get a taxi to the base or does the base provide transportation from the airport?
A: This information is available from the Fort Drum Website under the NEWCOMERS Tab / Inprocessing: SUBJECT: Syracuse Airport Transportation Procedures

1. Purpose: This memorandum outlines Fort Drum Reception Activity/ procedures and requirements for picking –up all incoming soldiers and their families.

2. Arriving to Syracuse Airport: Soldiers will sign-in at the CPL Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room.

a. The Courtesy Room will look at the soldier’s DA Form 31 to ensure the Soldier is in-processing.

b. The Courtesy Room will call the Reception Activity to inform the office that there is a newly arriving Soldier at the Courtesy Room.
c. All military Soldiers and their family can utilize the Courtesy Room and the Reception Activity transportation. The Military Courtesy Room is staffed by local community volunteers and is open from 0700-2300hrs, 7 days a week.
d. At 1500 and 2300 the Reception Activity will call the Courtesy Room to see if there are any Newly Arriving Soldiers and/or Family members that need to be picked-up  from the Syracuse Airport.
e. Newly arriving (In-processing) Soldiers have priority over all other soldiers, when it comes to transportation from the Syracuse Airport to Fort Drum.
3. Special Situation: Soldiers that arrive with family, at the Courtesy Room, for in-processing get pick-up immediately.
a. This is to insure that the Soldier and his Family get to Fort Drum, while all the offices are still open just in case the Soldier or any Family Member needs assistance with a special situation.
b. This will help the Soldier and his/her family to relax and get settled-in faster.

4. Transportation Procedures: During the day (Daylight hours), from the month of 1 May until 1 October, if a special case comes up, personnel at the Reception Activity that are a sergeant or above have authorization to drive to the Syracuse Airport alone. During inclement weather and at night there must be two personnel in the van when driving to and from the Syracuse/Watertown Airports and the Watertown Bus Station. All transportation activities and number of passengers will be annotated in the Duty Log Book.

5. POC is the Fort Drum Reception Activity at comm 315-772-2564 or DSN 772-2564.
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