Question: Hello! Me and my husband are PCSing in July to Fort Riley. I would like to know what the weight for a e3 and e4 would be. I say both ranks because he has been told he will get a rank up soon but we are not 100% sure. also do we get money for our PCS? I was told by a wife that we get 1000 for the move.. I don't mind I am just wondering. How many days do we get to get there? When we PCS if our floor or walls need to be re-done will that have to be paid from our pocket or can we pay them over time? I asked a wife and she said she isnt sure how Drum does it but she is paying off damages of her old house in Fort Riley they just add it on to the BAH payments. I know there is a lot of questions Im sorry but my husband is deployed and we dont talk much. I just want to make sure I understand everything fully THANKS!

When PCSing, everyone's situation is different; therefore, we cannot provide information specific to your particular situation.  We can, however, provide the contact information for those who can assist you with all of your specific questions.  A Soldier PCSing from one installation to another is allowed a specified amount of weight for the move.  For more information pertaining to this, please contact the Outbound Section of Fort Drum's Transportation Office at 315-772-6284. 

The Soldier is also entitled to advanced travel pay.  For more information on this, please contact Fort Drum's Finance Travel Section at 315-772-7822.  This office should also be able to tell you how many travel days you will receive. 

Typically a resident is responsible for any damages to their rental home beyond fair wear and tear.  You should contact your community or property manager for specifics.  Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes conducts a pre-inspection meeting/briefing for residents who are about to depart that explains what is expected for cleaning, repairs, etc. prior to move-out.  Questions regarding on post housing can be addressed by contacting the Mountain Community Homes Welcome Home Center at 315-955-6644. 

Fort Drum also has a Relocation Assistance Program for incoming Soldiers and their Families.  The number for this office is 315-772-6553/6902.  Another great source of information is Military One Source which can be found at   


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