Question: Are there any Montessori Schools in the local area?

There is a Montessori School located in downtown Watertown at 3 Public Square.

The Director is Ms. Nancy Coleman and she can be reached at (315) 222-6943.

Submitted By: Theresa on 03/12/2007 - Yes! There are Montessori Schools in Watertown. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Early Learning Center has one. They can be reached @ 315-782-3060 or 315-782-1474.
Submitted By: Evan on 08/10/2008 - Actually Sacred Heart does not have a Montessori program; it's a day care. Regardless, the Montessori School in the square is just great! They are completely certified, and my children have grown educationally since we've enrolled them at the Coleman Montessori Center.
Submitted By: Shannon Woodard on 09/23/2008 - The Coleman Montessori School in the Paddock Arcade is phenomenal as is the Head Teacher, Nancy Coleman. My daughter is currently enrolled there and we love it. The outside of the building is very deceiving so definitely check it out . It is the most clean and well organized school I have ever visted and my 3 year old is learning practical life skills, sign language, geography and other thing traditional preschools do not offer! Check it Out
Submitted By: parent on 06/18/2009 - I think there are Montessori schools in the city, be sure to ask about certification and accreditation. From what I know the more affluent and trustworthy Montessori schools possess accreditation.

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