Question: What type of quarters are available for a SFC who will be travelling alone without his family? How would he be classifed as and if he or she was planning on retiring soon how would his or her status and how long would they have to wait before submitted their retirement package?

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers receive their Basic Allowance for Housing whether single or with dependent.  There are many off-post rentals available for rent as well as on-post apartments for unaccompanied Non-Commissioned Officers (E6 and above) and Officers.   On-post Family Housing can only accommodate about one third of Soldiers with dependents and about 10% of unaccompanied Non-Commissioned Officers (E6 and above) and Officers.  Therefore most Soldiers have to find housing off-post.  Contact the Fort Drum Welcome Home Center at 315-955-6644 or for information on available housing on and off post. In order to accept on-post housing a Soldier would have to have at least 6 months remaining in the Army.  Contact the Fort Drum Military Personnel office of the Directorate of Human Resources at 315-772-5333 for specific retirement questions.

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