Question: I am a tentative hire (DoD Civilian) and will be working at Fort Drum. I am relocating from the Philippines and do not have a car. Is there shuttle service provided from Watertown to Fort Drum? If not, is there housing available for DoD Civilians on base or within walking distance outside the gate?

Sir, There is no civilian housing available on base and you will find public transportation very limited both on post and off post.  Public transportation is an area under current study but I do not foresee implementation of such service in the near future.


Please be advised that there is rental housing very close to the gate and within a reasonable commuting distance of the post.  Without personal transportation, I would recommend that you either arrange for a ride-share or a permanent “pick-up request” with one of the local taxi services.  If you are in need of some taxi referrals, please feel free to contact this office.



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