Question: I am pcsing very soon from germany to ft drum and i have a 6 yr old step-son who does not speak english very good, just mainly german. Is there any language programs available that would focus on just this type of issue? I am concerned that with this language barrier he will be held back on his learning skills. If there is something that can help him, please let me know. I am pcsing 1 march but my wife and family wont be coming until the end of may or beginning of june.
A: All schools in New York State have ESOL (English as Second Language) curriculums.
At six, your stepson should do just fine. At that age, total immersion in a language is recommended and used.

For more information, contact the School Liaison Officer when you arrive at Ft Drum. This office is part of the Morale Welfare and Recreation Directorate (MWR).  They can help you to talk to the school district in which your family will be living about your concerns.

In addition, check with Literacy of Northern New York. While they work primarily with adults, they might have a summer program that would help your stepson can comfortable before school starts in September.  Call them at (315) 782-4270 or check the web site

Your own interest and encouragement is sure to be a big help too. Welcome to Drum Country.
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