Question: do single a e6 get off post housing

Only single or without dependent (s) E1 – E5 get billeted in barracks.

Single E-6's must live off Post, not in Barracks.
They must secure something on the economy.
The current housing allowance to do so is $781 per month (the E-6 BAH rate without dependents). 

Check and the Housing Information area here on for help finding a suitable place.

Submitted By: julius miley on 02/08/2007 - how much is bah for e6 with dependants.
Submitted By: Kathy on 02/08/2007 - 2007 BAH rate at Ft Drum for E-6 with dependents is $1,174
Submitted By: juilus miley on 03/06/2007 - How hard is it to get off post housing?
Submitted By: Kathy on 03/06/2007 - First stop for soldiers and families considering off post housing should be Ft Drum's Community Relocation and Referral Service office. Look for it on the Fort Drum website - or call 315 772-9397; 772-8542 or 772-6380. Check out the ideas on this website under RELOCATION: Housing. Finding a new place won't happen overnight. It's an important decision. Give it your best attention. Good luck.
Submitted By: Anonymous on 10/31/2008 - Single E6 and above will soon have the opportunity to live on-post in the Timbers - an apartment complex exclusively for single and unaccompanied soldiers. Rent is determined by a "market-rate" system, not BAH, so soldiers pay pocket a portion of their housing allowance. Contact or 315-955-6817 for more information.

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