Question: I'm PCSing from Germany; What is the requirements for me in order to register my vehicle?

This information was provided by Jefferson County Clerk who operates the Motor Vehicle Department here in Jefferson County. 

 The following is a list of what is needed:

USEAR Registration and title of manufacturer's cert. of origin (if this is held by lien holder they will need a certified copy from the lien holder along with a letter of permission to register)

Original bill of sale

Original Customs Forms from Port of Entry into US. The customs papers are very important.

NY State Insurance ID card that is in effect the day the registration is to be done
Identifications - 6 points, must include Social Security Card (2 points) All ID must be in same name.

Birth Certificate is for date of birth only, does not count in point total.

Completed MV-82 registration form

Sales tax form

You can access the forms ahead of time on the NYSDMV website:



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