Question: Okay, my boyfriend is at A.I.T. right now & has found out where he is stationed, which is at Ft. Drum. We have a son together, but did not claim him as a dependant. He is an E-3 right now. My question is, when he is stationed, could we come up & live with him? I know that he needs to ask his first commander, but if he gets off post housing, will we pay for the rent, or will B.A.H help us?

First, see this clip from the Drum Housing page:

ALL personnel are required to contact the Housing Services Office (HSO) prior to making any housing arrangements on the economy.

The Housing Services Office provides referral services in the Tri-County area to include a wide range of rentals as well as sales listings. All facilities listed are located within a 30-mile radius of Fort Drum. The office is located in Clark Hall, 10720 Mt. Belvedere Blvd.
Hours of Operation 0730 - 1600 hours, Mon - Fri (except holidays). Telephone (315) 772-6380.

The Housing Services Office also maintains rental information for affordable (subsidized) housing based on income.

Second, as you probably know, the BAH Rates vary by rank and depend on dependents or no dependents. In 2007 E-1 thru E-4s with dependents received $867 while those without dependents received $640.  There have been increases for 2008.  The folks at the housing office can help your soldier with that information. 

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