Question: the phone number to the bus or van transporting familys from the airport to fort drum.

If your arrival is at the Syracuse, New York airport or Watertown Airport, it is your responsibility to coordinate and complete your travel to Fort Drum. Ensure that you save all your receipts so that you can make an appropriate travel claim when you in-process the installation. Below is listed some general information that may assist you in your travel decisions:

Shuttle Service: Airport shuttle service to Fort Drum is limited and expensive. On average, costs can exceed $150.00. Plan ahead and contact the Airport for more information on possible shuttle services and costs. Remember to get and save your receipts.

Taxi Service: Average costs for a taxi from Watertown Airport to Fort Drum is $10 to $15. Typically, taxis do not provide receipts. If the cost is under $70.00, Finance does not require a receipt. Ensure that you record the transaction so that you can claim it as a travel expense.

Late Arrivals: If you are arriving at either Syracuse Airport or Watertown Airport late in the evening when travel options are limited, contact the Replacement Activity toll free at 1-800-661-7158 or DSN 772-7529. Based on mission requirements, resources available, and weather conditions, we provide limited shuttle services, to Active Duty Personnel, that normally arrive daily at Syracuse Airport at 2330hrs.

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