Question: It looks like me and my husband are moving to Ft Drum in February. We are from Central Georgia. What kind of weather should we be prepared for and what preparations should we make? We aren't use to snow of any kind.

Your question reminded me of another sent to us nearly two years ago that is available if you use the search engine under the Q&A. I searched under “weather”. I copied it here for you.

Question: We're coming from a warm weather environment and don't really have a lot of cold weather gear - what kind of outwear, etc. would you recommend for relocating families? Also, are there any special steps we should take to thoroughly "winterize" our vehicles? Do you recommend a plug-in heater?


A: The people who have commented on your question have some great ideas.

Please take a look there and let us know if you need more information.

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Comments: Submitted By: Edwin Krupkin on 12/21/2006    Apex Army & Navy store carries Military Clothing, Military Boots and Military Accessories. We specialize in Cold Weather clothing and Boots. We carry Carhartt Artic Coats and Bibs. Also Carolina, Georgia and Lacrosse Waterproof Insulated Boots. Stop in and see us at 103 Public Square or Look at 

Submitted By: Ben Hamelin on 12/21/2006   Having a plug-in engine block wouldn't hurt, but I've survived without one. The most important things to remember are windshield-washer fluid and a shovel ( just in case you find yourself in snow bank)! Another important factor is the salt that is used on the roads. It is very corrosive on vehicles, so a few good car washes during the winter on warmer days will go a long way to help reduce rust to the underside of your vehicle. Good luck ,and welcome to the North Country!

Submitted By: Sara on 12/22/2006 - Cold weather clothing can usually be purchased cheaply in warm weather areas in January after stores do inventory and seasonal closeouts. I recommend stocking up now where you currently live. There are thrift stores in Watertown that usually carry a large selection of children's boots. Once you get here, shop early and frequently. Snow pants and quality boots are a must for active children. Your car should not need a plug in heater. Visit a reputable mechanic once you get here for the appropriate fluids, tires, etc. You will need plenty of washer fluid, quality wipers, and a scraper and brush in each car. 

Yes, we do get snow, some years more, some years less….and February can be the coldest month of the winter.
Travel from Syracuse to Watertown/Fort Drum in February can be rough. Route 81 through the Snowbelt – the area directly east of Lake Ontario between Syracuse and Watertown – can be a challenging stretch of road during the winter months. But the State crews do a great job of keeping the road plowed and cleared as quickly as possible.
Nevertheless, I recommend staying aware of the weather via the weather channel’s online site. You can search for weather via Fort Drum, NY or by Watertown, NY.
If you know the unit to which your husband will be assigned, you might want to contact the FRG group ahead of time.
The Family Readiness Group (FRG) Assistant Program can be reached at 315-772-6363.
The link below will take you to a page on the Ft Drum Site with a list of emails and specific phone numbers for each brigade in the division. 
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Submitted By: Sharon Barber on 10/29/2008 - I'm from Atlanta and have visited my daughter at Ft. Drum several times in February and March. As a southerner, the cold and snow at Fort Drum was shocking, but I found that my body adjusted very quickly. The advice on this site is good. You should definitely invest in warm waterproof footwear, and heavy coats and gloves. I went to the military store and invested in some clothing to keep warm. the summer months are incredibly beautiful! I drove from both Rochester and Syracuse to Ft Drum -- in huge snowstorms in February. The state crews do a terrific job at keeping roads clear and driveable. Just be sure to have good wipers and plenty of washer fluid.
Submitted By: lucas greenfield on 12/19/2008 - If your husband comes up before you they won't put him in the barracks so expect to pay for a hotel room until he finds a place. They do have a temp. lodging for 20 dollars a night but that is if you are not with him. The post hotel runs 60 dollars a night if you do accompany him up here.

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